Data Privacy

Do you resell my data?


Your data is yours only. Our business model, subscription, ensures that we don’t have to sell your data to marketers and advertisers to make money. We wouldn't expect a great personal assistant to share your information with others, neither should the technology that manages your days.

How do you protect my data?

All information on the cloud is encrypted and tied only to your phone - we don’t have personal identifiable information (PII). We have built controls about the information we ask of you - such as contacts, location, and other types of data, which help us serve you better.

Can I delete my data?


Go to Profile > Account Settings > Delete Account. That's it.

This removes all information related to your account on our servers and it is irreversible.

If you decide to delete your account, all your categories and tags will be lost, even if you open a new account with the same calendars and sign-method.

Privacy Policy

As a team, we believe privacy is your right and you shouldn't be the product. We use your information only to make the product experience better and tailored to you.

Time is your most precious resource. How, where and with whom you spend it is information that is yours to share or keep.

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How do I add a calendar?

During our simple onboarding, you are asked to pick at least one calendar. Once you give us permissions to access it, you are asked to assign it to one of three groups:

Work: a calendar primarily used for work events

Personal: a calendar used for your personal commitments and events

FYI/Shared: a calendar that you'd like to have handy, but doesn't block or limit your time (e.g. a child's school schedule or your favourite teams game schedule)

Assigning your calendar allows us to make your experience in the app rich and seamless - from our insights to improving how you add events, find time, and schedule your day. You can always add as many calendars as you wish - go to Profile > Calendar > Add Calendar.

How do I delete a calendar?

Go to Profile > Calendar.

You can either 'disable' the calendar by clearing the selection of the calendar you have added.

You can also delete a calendar - press Add Calendar to see this option. A word of caution - once you delete a calendar, you will lose all tags, categories, and insights related to that calendar

Video Conferencing

Can I add conferencing links directly from the app?


Moment allows you to add a video-conferencing link from your calendar providers, when such an option is available.

Moment offers the option to add the link via the Add Event experience, when you invite guests to your event. Moment also automatically adds the selected video link to scheduling links.

What providers are supported?

You can enable the links in Profile > Video Conferencing - we offer support for three video conferencing options.

Google Meet: for work or personal Google calendars.

Microsoft Team/Skype: for work (Teams) or personal (Skype) Outlook calendars


Moment gives you the ability to add your own Zoom video conferencing links.

  1. Enable: Go to Profile > Settings > Connect Zoom and authenticate with your Zoom log-in information. We don't store or access your details - atKairos sends an instruction to create a Zoom meeting link and applies it to your calendar event.

  2. Usage: From Settings > Video Conferencing select the calendar to which you want to apply Zoom video conferencing. Once selected, all future video conferencing links will be created with a Zoom Link. In case you want to change it, we allow you to do it per calendar - go to Settings > Video Conferencing and apply your default provider, which will disable links generated by Zoom.

  3. Removal: Go to Profile > Settings >Edit. Select the Zoom account and simple press delete. This will disable the option to use Zoom within atKairos.

To remove it from your Zoom account:

  1. Log in to your Zoom account and navigate to Zoom App Marketplace

  2. Click Manage > Added Apps

  3. Click on the Remove button


If the integration is not working as expected, we suggest Removal and sign in again, following the steps above.


In case of further troubles, feel free to contact us above.

Premium Subscription

How much does moment cost?

Right now we focus on building a great personal time assistant and we don't charge for our product. With time, we will ask for a fair subscription price (monthly or annual).